This enlightening geological exploration of Mt. St. Helens shares profound insights into the formation and transformation of this remarkable natural wonder from a biblical perspective. Open to public from Sprint to Fall, this event captivates a unique opportunity to witness God’s hand in the intricacies of Earth’s geology while deepening our faith and understanding.

Situated in Castle Rock, Washington, at the footsteps of Spirit Lake Highway 504, this destination beckons outdoor enthusiasts eager to experience both the awe-inspiring devastation and breathtaking beauty of a mountain that erupted on May 18, 1980.

Visiting the Center

Discover fascinating information about Mt St Helens, dinosaurs, and creation exhibits at the Creation Center. This venue invites individuals and families to engage in valuable lessons from Mount St. Helens through classes, field adventures, a store, and special events, making it an excellent destination for exploration and study year around.

Field Trips

The Creation Center offers full day field adventures around the Mount St Helens area. These excursions are designed to show how the Mount Saint Helens eruptions demonstrate the processes that were working during the Worldwide Flood of Genesis.

Offering three distinct field trips, each providing a unique perspective of the mountain, including South, East, and West side tours. Geared for family outings, from kids to senior adults, all participants will relish the scenic views, trail hikes, and the overall journey as you caravan around the mountain.

My Insight

Having personally participated in all the tours with host Bill Hoesch, I had the opportunity to pose my own geological inquiries along the way. Bill, an experienced geologist, adeptly addressed my questions and seamlessly integrated them into the timeline outlined in the Bible. Having studied Geology and Archaeology at Portland State University, I developed my own understanding of Earth and human origins. Engaging in these adventures provided me with a creation-based perspective that significantly altered my outlook and brought it in line with Biblical truths. I highly recommend any of these experiences and look forward to joining Bill in the coming years. Hope to see you there!

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