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It’s an Amazon Best Seller. The book has a 21-day program that walks you through experiencing real health with natural solutions and remedies. The final selling point for me was that the Doctor is a man of faith!

Like most, I’m hungry for a healthier life, and that’s when Dr. Livingood’s YouTube ad caught my attention. He exposed the healthcare system’s pill-pushing routine, and I can’t ignore it anymore. My doctor’s prescription pad feels like a menu, but I believe I can change my path by changing my plate. I dove into a sea of health plans, but Dr. Livingood’s ad was the lighthouse guiding me with wisdom. I took the plunge, got his book, and embarked on this journey to better living.

At 53 years old, I’ve faced challenges with high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heightened triglyceride levels, and acid reflux. I am determined to address these issues proactively and reverse their impact before advancing further into my later years, steering clear of the potential harmful side effects associated with prescribed medications.

Who is Dr. Livingood

Dr. Livingood (DLG), yes that is his real name, is a chiropractic physician serving thousands of people in Cary, NC and even more through his online and media presence. In 2007 after nearly losing his father to health conditions, Dr. Livingood was prompted to find a health care system to save his father’s life. Where medicine failed Dr. Livingood discovered solutions that got his father off 15 medications and overcame major heart and autoimmune conditions. Dr. Livingood, wife Jessica, and three kids spend their lives speaking nationally and locally in the hopes that others can experience real health. You can get more details here:

Highlights: Author of the book Health Potential and the Health Potential Program. Doctor for over 75 churches. Worked with over 150 Organizations. Actively taking care of over 1000 patients. 2016 and 2017 Triangle Top Primary Care Physician. 2015 – 2017 Top Area Chiropractor in the Triangle. 2015 ML Doctor of the Year. 2012 and 2016 Olympic USA Wrestling Team Supporting Doctor. Shaw University Team Doctor.

Some Points of Interest

The book delves beyond merely advocating for a healthy diet, encompassing various aspects of maintaining a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. It offers insights into stress management through simple daily exercises, breathing techniques, 10-minute workouts, and improved sleep habits.

A particularly intriguing section for me was “fixing your frame.” Given my prolonged sitting, often exceeding eight hours a day, understanding the impact on my spine and its repercussions for my overall well-being became crucial. Dr. Livingood elucidates how the brain communicates with the heart, lungs, and other organs through the spinal cord. Disruptions in these neural pathways due to poor posture could potentially lead to a loss of control over vital organs. Maintaining an upright posture is emphasized to safeguard the integrity of the nervous system.

The book’s 21-day program not only furnishes a comprehensive list of wholesome foods readily available at grocery stores but also offers a structured meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, complete with recipes for each meal. I found the program to be economically feasible, realizing that there’s no imperative need to limit shopping to high-end, all-organic food stores, although such options might be convenient for those less constrained by budget considerations.


I’ve been adhering to the nutritious food recommendations outlined in the book. While I haven’t opted for Dr. Livingood’s supplements, there are numerous beneficial options on the website ( worth exploring.

You can get the book FREE, just pay $7.95 shipping and handling:

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